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Residential - The Cascadia Road

Does having minimal floor space dissuade you from incorporating modern design elements while playing around with features that you desire to have? It shouldn’t. In this Cascadia Road home project, ArcSpace Design shows just how to transform a limited space home into an oasis – and a very functional one, at that. To create the feel of a more expansive space, ArcSpace Design refrained from using partitions for the living room and the dining area, used floor to ceiling windows for maximum lighting and kept all the clutter away from sight through the use of concealed wall cabinets and shelves. To keep the room from looking bare, an accent wall was added to the living area.

Although ArcSpace Design added what seems to be a partition between the kitchen and the dining room, this actually serves a more practical purpose. This partition also houses the sink and the stove, therefore each spot, each wall and each nook is maximised. The bathroom is an oasis. Yes, it is possible that even with limited space you can still have a bathtub installed to help you relax after a long day at work.

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